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Let's put our minds together and focus on you

Lawyers come to me to help them with some aspect of their life or practice that needs attention.

Sometimes, they're stuck or frustrated. They need someone to talk to who will hear them out in total confidence and help them. They may need help managing their time, tackling a large project or better communicating with their clients and colleagues. I help them do that.

I also work with lawyers who want to do something big, something that scares them. They need help to build the courage for difficult decisions and conversations. They need support as they take their first small steps toward a really big goal. I'll be there with you as you leap into the unknown.

I do this work because I think it's important. It's about growth. I think many lawyers stop short of what they're capable of because of the fear that they might fail. They resist the very thing that would fulfill them because it doesn't quite fit a mold. I can help you through that.

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I'm passionate about connecting people with people and people with information, particularly using the Internet. Along those lines, I have produced a free online course for law students starting at law firms, post regular blogs and have been helping the People's Law School launch webinars to share legal information with the public. 

Through my work as a lawyer and coach and experiments with technology, I'm keen to continue to connect people and ideas on line, and in person, so they can grow personally and professionally.

I graduated with distinction from McGill University's Faculty of Law in 2003 with a dual degree in common law and civil law. In 2018, I became certified as an executive coach at Royal Roads University. I practiced for over 10 years in commercial litigation at a leading national firm.  I live in Vancouver, Canada with my husband and two young children. In my spare time, I listen to podcasts and read about personal and professional development, coaching, nutrition, fitness, recipes, parenting and how to use the Internet to bring the world together and changing the shape of what is possible.



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