Paula J. Price, Founder | Certified Executive Coach | Lawyer

Why I do what I do

I am a busy professional with a mission: to help lawyers thrive. 

The practice of law is not for the faint of heart. You work, you figure things out, you battle. You win. You lose. Sometimes you get yelled at. Sometimes you get a thank you.

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone whose sole focus is your success. Not your friend. Not your boss. Your coach.

That's where I come in.

I've walked in your shoes and I have the training to help you. I can help you better manage your life, your expectations. Set goals. Meet goals. Pursue goals, even when everything has piled up and you just don't think it's worth it anymore. Especially when you don't think it's worth it anymore. That's when the magic happens.

Have a look through my website. There's a lot here, but coaching can cover a lot.

If you're curious, call me. Or email me:

I want to help you succeed. That might mean figuring out first what success looks like. It might mean taking a terrifyingly enormous goal and breaking it into bite-sized pieces. It might mean that I 'remind' you of the thing you need to do to get there, especially when it's the last thing you actually feel like doing.

Whatever it is, I'm here to help.


I graduated with distinction from McGill University's Faculty of Law in 2003 with a dual degree in common law and civil law. In 2018, I became certified as an executive coach at Royal Roads University. I have over 10 years of experience practicing in commercial litigation at a leading national firm and a few more at local litigation boutiques. I also work as a research lawyer.  I live in Vancouver, Canada with my husband and two young children. In my spare time, I listen to podcasts and read about personal and professional development, coaching, nutrition, fitness, recipes, parenting and how the Internet is bringing the world together and changing the shape of what's possible.


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