Paula J. Price, Executive Coach | Lawyer | Uplevel Founder

Between client demands, running the business of your practice and carving out personal time, your world can quickly become one of putting out fires where nobody is satisfied, least of all you. It's not your fault. As a professional advisor, you don't feel right asking for help. You'd rather manage it on your own, thank you very much. I get it. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can slow down to speed up. Step back and distinguish priorities from noise. What would your days look like if you removed the politics and drama? How much time would you save? Work with me and we'll Kondo your practice and get you on track for success. On all fronts. Email me to set up a call:

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Committed to excellence in practice, discretion and integrity, 

Uplevel Lawyer Coaching was founded to empower lawyers to find fulfillment, professionally and personally. Invest in yourself and your career by creating a sustainable practice that builds on your strengths and aligns with your values, 

whether you're at a firm with multiple lawyers, a sole practitioner or in-house.

Reach out and learn more about how coaching can benefit you.