Coaching for performance, transitions and career milestones

Manage Time Like a Boss


 Develop a discipline of time and energy management. Capture more billable hours and maximize your time in and out of the office. Enroll now in Uplevel CPD's FREE on-line course.

Defy Perceived Limits


Your performance has no limit. Discover what you are capable of as you identify growth opportunities, challenge yourself outside your comfort zone and build upon a foundation of success. 

Master Your Priorities


Balancing parenting and lawyering is a moving target. Why go it alone when you can partner with a coach who has recently walked in your shoes and can offer resources, strategy and support?

Command Confidence


You've got the skills but could use some help to summon your confidence, break out of your comfort zone and thrive in your practice. Check out Money Mindset for Women Lawyers, an on-line course designed to do just that.

Reboot After Redundancy


Unplanned transitions can shake your confidence. But they can also create opportunity to reach for greater success in alignment with your strengths and interests. Reflect, regroup and land a better fit.

Practice Law... and Wellness


Your wellness is central to your personal and professional success. Learn to develop healthful practices, establish boundaries and set the foundation to thrive.

Transition Strategically


Thinking about your next move? 

Get clear on your goals and develop a game plan, be it transition within your firm, a strategic lateral move, going in-house or striking out on your own.

Build a Killer Brand


Approach your practice like an entrepreneur and develop a signature brand of excellence. Be intentional about mastering your practice area, attracting the type of work you love and making your practice thrive.

Find Your Balance


By saying 'yes' to one thing, you say 'no' to another. Make decisions with intention and create more of what you want in your life, while reducing clutter and distraction.

Start Strong as a Student


Welcome to the practice of law. Need help prioritizing, navigating law firm interviews or understanding the unwritten rules that can make or break your articles? Look no further. 

Check out this FREE on-line course.

Find Work After Hire Backs


Not returning to the firm where you articled? You're not alone. Take stock of what you have learned about your strengths, interests and what you want in practice. Your career in law is just beginning.

Leave Tradition Behind


It's never too late to seek out a better fit, whether as a lawyer in a different position or outside the practice of law. Evaluate your options, reassess your goals and forge a fresh path toward greater career satisfaction.