Invest in Your Human Capital with Executive Coaching

Paula Price, Founder of Uplevel Lawyer Coaching, Lawyer Coach

Nurture and Retain Top Talent With Performance Coaching

Working with a coach can help lawyers at all levels enhance their performance and skills development. Those skills include time management, managing workload, developing relationships, client development and strategic career planning. Coaching can be tailored to complement standardized benchmarks established by the firm. Coaching can help your firm's lawyers thrive, whether they are high performers or lawyers who are not yet reaching their potential.

Enlist Help With Performance Reviews

Regular performance reviews are an essential component of your firm's associate development program and a lawyer coach can assist in the design and implementation of the review process. A coach can work within an existing model or collaborate with your firm to design a customized performance review process that incorporates a "coach approach" and promotes professional growth and development among associates and students. Coaches can also assist with the collection and processing of performance review feedback, reducing the diversion of resources from your firm's core legal practice and talent management team. 

Retain More Lawyers by Offering Parental Leave Coaching

Support your firm's lawyers as they prepare to take parental leave and when they return to work. A lawyer coach - particularly one with a young family who understands the choices to be made and is current on the available options and resources - can support your lawyers in developing strategies that promote both their career and family objectives. A lawyer coach can help new parents get clear about their goals within the firm and at home, learn tools to balance work and family responsibilities and set up the support they need to succeed.

Equip Your Lawyers for the Rigours of Practice

Educate and engage your lawyers with current topics concerning professional development and workplace wellness including time management, resilience and stress management. Seminars are also available to incoming students and associates to introduce them to the firm's culture and discuss practice expectations. CPD credit may be available. Ask me about group coaching.

Promote Workplace Harmony By Tackling Tough Issues

Lawyers are human. The exigencies of the work they do and the demands they face sometimes place a strain on relationships that gives rise to performance anxiety and attrition. Involving a lawyer coach can help lawyers learn tools and develop strategies to answer their professional demands without sacrificing personal relationships.