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Not Your Average Summer Program

This 6 week summer law student program runs from June 5 to July 10, 2020. Connect virtually with other students and learn the skills you need to thrive professionally in this engaging on line program. You'll enjoy live weekly instruction, office hours and a chance to connect with and learn from other students. Plant the seeds now for your long term professional network and success. Don't miss out - Register Today


Game Plan for Law Students - Summer 2020

This summer is not what anyone expected. This course gives students ideas and a framework for approaching their summer, creating a plan and managing uncertainty. This course is designed to help students, whether they are working at a law firm this summer or not. It also has practical suggestions that will help lawyers who would like a fresh perspective on how to approach the next season of social distancing. 

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Time Management for Busy Lawyers

Lawyers at all levels struggle to manage their time. The time you invest in this quick course - 15 minutes - will more than "pay" for itself. 

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